The entire concept of the data warehousing has been re-imagined with Incorta.

The Incorta Analytics platform removes the dependency on star schemas, pre-aggregation, complex ETL processes, and a large data team. With Incorta’ s technologies and mobile-first design, even a mobile user can merge external real-time data sets with large-volume business data, and then make informed time-sensitive decisions based on the results. Full production data fidelity makes the business analyst re-imagined what is possible with data analytics and no longer has to go back to management with, “Sorry, we cannot produce the reports requested as the dimensions of the data warehouse will not support the needed queries. Estimated time to re-engineer is 3-6 months.”


Modern Datawarehousing

Incorta Datasheet

Technical Overview

Accelerating Analytics 

The Death of ETLs

Incorta and Oracle Netsuites


Case Study/Past Performance

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