Big Data/Data Analytics

Past product and practices for data warehousing & data visualization struggle to meet the needs of today in the age of big data and fast analytics. Legacy data warehouses don’t scale quickly, are performance challenged, and are constrained by relational models for structured data. More importantly, they are slow to build, slow to deploy, slow to change, and slow to deliver. 

The time has come to rethink and remake data warehousing & data visualization. Lack of full data fidelity and time-variant history with uniform intervals inhibits the ability to perform time-series analysis and to understand trends in the business. The big question when seeking to modernize legacy data warehousing & data visualization is how to realize the benefits of without facing the challenges of managing a data warehouse?

We bring you two products to solve the needs of full data fidelity and visualization. 

1. Incorta is a data warehouse & data visualization tool with full data fidelity, no ETLs, no data modeling and installation time measured in days/weeks, not months and years

2. Splash BI if you are looking for a top-end data visualization tool for dashboards and reporting with up-to-the-minute updates of your Excel files and so much more!